Monday, February 3, 2014

14 Days: Fated Love: Beautiful Creatures Manga
















Yen Press has done a wonderful job with all its novel adaptations. What drew me to this Manga was Cassandra Jean’s art. Just look at that amazing cover! This volume covers the entire first novel and manages to capture the essence of the book. The first few color pages made me long for the entire book to be in color but Jean also manages to evoke the characters and situations in the dynamic Black & white art.



For those not familiar with the series, Beautiful Creatures is about small town boy Ethan Wate and new student Lena Duchannes whose uncle has been a part of the local towns legend and superstations. Ethan is immediately drawn to Lena and the two find that they are the reincarnations of two lovers from the Civil War era. Two lovers torn apart by death and cursed by Dark Magic.

This was a solid read and a nice compliment to the print books. Due to its length there is no way the Manga could cover all the little bits from the source material but it is very new reader friendly.

I really loved the look of all the characters, the whole reading experience was like coming home to old friends.

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