Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Review: Star Wars Infinities : The Empire Strikes Back by Land and Fabbri








Dark Horse Comics




The Infinities books are the equivalent of Marvel Comics What If ? comics. The creators take one part of each movie an tweak it. Then a new storyline emerges from  that one change. For Empire the creators explore what would have happened if Han Solo’s Tauntaun had died an he wasn't able to save Luke ? It would lead to Han Solo trying to fulfill Luke’s dying wish: go to Degobah and train as a Jedi. Han starts a path that leads him to honor Luke’s request and through a series of events ends up having Leia along . All the major plot twists from the Empire movie are present: A trip to Bespin, a tense encounter with Boba Fett  that doesn't end how you would expect.


Once Han and Leia reach Degobah however, the revelation of family secrets lead to a different Skywalker training as a Jedi. I really enjoyed this book. It was especially cool seeing Leia go through Jedi training since fans only get glimpses of her potential in the Extended Universe novels. Han is great as always and this story shows how the resilience of the  Rebels would have triumphed no matter what. A nice read!

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