Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Review: 13 Little blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson











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Another E-book that has been in my reader for over a year! This story really touched me and I’m so glad I got the chance to read it. The story centers around Virginia, a young girl who receives an envelope with one thousand dollars and instructions to buy a plane ticket to New York immediately. The letter is from Ginny’s deceased Aunt Peg and once she arrives in New York she picks up a package with 13 little Blue Envelopes.


Each of these missions is a task that takes Ginny on a European adventure beginning England to Pennington Street and  to a young man named Richard who is the first piece in the puzzle of Aunt Pegs life.

What I loved most about the series was that logistically the story made since. Peg had time to plan Ginny’s journey before her death and gave her enough information so the story made sense as well as being entertaining. Ginny does take a couple of missteps, but overall she makes really sound choices as she continues on her journey .

I also loved Ginny’s  emotional journey through out the book. She isn’t overly impressed with some of the places she visits but its mostly do to not being able to use maps or guidebooks  per her Aunt’s request.  Ginny is also  having a hard time with the electronic restrictions her Aunt has placed on her: No laptops, phones or cameras.

As the trip continues Ginny is also able to access all the emotions of hr Aunts death including her anger and resentment over her Aunt choosing to just take off without any contact. Her journey almost complete Ginny’s possessions, including the last unread letter is stolen and she must choose for herself how this journey will end.

I’ve become quite the fan of Maureen’s after this book. I loved her honesty and her talent with writing from the teenage perspective. There is so romance in this book but overall this book is about the important relationship we develop with ourselves and our families.

I’m looking forward to reading the sequel to this story. This book is very much a standalone read, so no huge cliffhangers and you don't need to read the sequel you will want to.


Pamela D said...

This book sounds so lovely. I love the idea of going on an European adventure. :)

Stormi Johnson said...

You know I think I have this book on my kindle..and it's been there a while..lol. I need a clean the cobwebs out your reader challenge..LOL

Berls said...

What a sweet sounding story - it sounds like it's about self discovery too, which is great. I would have a major complaint touring without a camera though! Great review, I will have to check this out.