Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Review: Aki Alliance by Ryan Estrada













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Aki Alliance is a very interesting graphic novel. Aki herself isn't a very sensitive person. She flits like a hummingbird form different groups and activities always dropping them at critical junctures, and leaving her fellow group members in a lurch. As a result Aki finds herself wondering out loud why she doesn't have any friends.

She attracts the sympathy of a fellow class mate who spells out her faults to her. The girl makes a deal with Aki. If Aki can make amends for some of her wrongs she will be her friend. Aki doesn't just stop there, she vows to make every girl in her class her friend. This is a daunting task as Aki has a lot of classmates to make up to. From Boxing club to the Scrabble Team Aki comes up with successful plans to win everyone over. She quickly fills up her “friends” list until the girls realize her heart isn't really in the connections she is making.


Nearly losing the bet makes Aki truly look at her patterns and puts her on the path to learning that it takes  honesty and effort to obtain and keep friends. A very fun read with great art and a nice ending.

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