Saturday, March 15, 2014

Review: Black Hole Sun by David Macinnis Gill













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Harper Teen impulse has a wonderful novella line that showcases a lot of there series books. After reading the 99cent novella Rising Sun I snapped this E-book up for 2.99. I really loved this book! Its a straight forward   plot and memorable characters.  The center of this story is Durango a young man living hand to mouth between jobs on Mars. Most of his money goes to his father who is in prison. Durango is a Regulator without a master aka Chief. It is the Martian equivalents of a Ronin or renegade samurai.


His main crew member is Vienne a beautiful woman and deadly fighter. Vienne owes Durango a life debt but as time passes the two of them find themselves experiencing deeper emotions for each other. After rescuing two kidnapped children Durango’s crew takes a job from a group of miners who are desperate to learn how to protect themselves from cannibal invaders.

As the crew reaches the mine they find there is an unexpected connection between their last job and their current one. The also find their lives in serious danger.

This book is such a page turner! I loved the banter between Durango’s crew and the sassy Artificial Intelligence that shares Durango’s skull, David is also skillful at giving us insight into all the characters pasts without slowing down the momentum of the story. I also loved how this story wraps up the main story threads while leaving open potential for sequels, there are two of them so far. I'm really looking forward to diving in this world again soon.


Pamela D said...

Yea for a good book that was cheap! That doesn't always seem to happen. :)

Berls said...

I think this is my second time hearing about this series. The concept of working on Mars already renders it really interesting for me since I don't read a lot of sci-fi. The AI sounds like fun, especially with the witty banter you described. I may have to check this one out.