Monday, March 3, 2014

Review: Bliss by Kathryn Littlewood



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This book has been in my reader for over a year and a half so I was glad to make it a priority with my March challenges. Bliss is one of those books that can bring some attention to a series by giving the reader free access to its first book. There are some great moments in the book but the fundamental premise that sets off the series annoyed me. A LOT.  In a few pages the author introduces us to the Bliss family: Parents Purdy and Albert, and their children Rosemary, Thyme, Sage and Parsley, (Yep ! She went there). Rose however is the center of the story and a lot rests on her 12 year old shoulders.
There is a secret to the families baked goods that no one really talks about directly: The baked goods at Bliss can have magical side effects. Purdy however uses the family powers for health and healing vs personal gain. So when a local town needs Purdy’s help to cure a dangerous flu like outbreak in a neighboring town the parents take off, Leaving the children in the hands of their assistant and an older neighbor.
Purdy also leaves The Key to the families most important treasure, their magical Cook Book  with Rose . Things go well for a few days until a gorgeous blond woman shows up at the shop claiming she is their “Aunt”. She even shows off the ladle birthmark that all the Bliss family bears.
The Events after Lily arrives is what annoyed me about the book. Prior to this event Rose is portrayed as a very bright, responsible girl. yet she lets Lily steamroll into the children's lives. I get that Rose is still a kid and lily is charismatic, but the adult guardians don’t bother to question the woman or call the children's parents!
Its immediately apparent what Lily wants', she even tells Rose that she is at the bakery to make amends to the family and find fantastic recipes for her new TV show. Yet no one does a thing for several days until Lily realizes she might want to conjure up a desert that will keep everyone silent. After eating the tart Lily makes the children and their adult guardians are unable to talk about Lily or what’s going on in the shop.
So of course the reader can predict what is going to happen next: The children decide to copy some recipes out of the family book and test them out before gifting them to their “Aunt”.
From love spells, to truth serums the food recipes go really wrong  and Lily hovers in the shadows waiting for the right moment to pounce.
I did feel a bit for Rose, Lily knows exactly how to manipulate her since her parents really use the kids as free help without any thought to the fact that Rose is turning into a young woman.
Through Rose’s efforts she is able to fix the problems she and her siblings created but when her parents return she discovers that Lily has succeeded in her plans. Even when the parents return they really don't react at all to what has happened and its a guilt ridden Rose that vows to get even with Lily.
I really didn't like how the book ended but that is always a risk with series books. I'm not really sure if I want to see how the series wraps up.


Pamela D said...

Sorry to hear that this book wasn't your cup of tea. But yea for reading a book for both read-a-thons! :)

kimbacaffeinate said...

Bummer that this didn't win you over. The names of the children made me laugh and like the magical elements of their baking.

Michelle P said...

Was really hoping this would be a good one! Sorry it didn't work for you!

Kimberly said...

Too bad it didn't work out - I really loved the concept! And the kids names made me LOL. Great review.

Nikita Johri said...

I havent read the book but I think I have got it somewhere on my kindle..LOL..
Loved the concept but since now I know that the ending is a bummer I'll keep it for later.. :)

-Njkinny @ Njkinny's World of Books