Friday, March 28, 2014

Review: The Girl Who Could Fly by Victoria Forester


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This was a sweet read that really wasn’t what I thought it would be. Piper McCloud has been restrained her whole life. She doesn't know why she is homeschooled and not allowed to play with other children. Piper’s parents were older when she was born so many think that is where their over protectiveness comes from.
But it is more than that. Since she was a toddler Piper has been a “floater”.  As she ages Piper’s floating morphs into full fledged flying after a lot of effort on her part. Flying is the only thing that feels right to Piper even though it horrifies her parents.
When Piper flies in front of a bunch of witnesses the McCloud families quiet small town life comes to an end. Soon Piper is visited by the government and told she is not the only kid with special abilities.
Her parents agree to let her go for training but as we all know those shady government agencies can be very shady!
This is where the book changed for me in an enjoyable way. Piper brings her good manners and thoughtful ways to a whole group of friends. Her spirit is instrumental in the group as a whole learning the truth about who is holding them and her powers mean their is the potential to escape.
The characters in this story really go through a full cycle of change. I was really annoyed with Pipers mother at the beginning of the book but she was in such a different place at the end. A fun read.

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