Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Review: Inhumans: Origin of The Inhumans by Lee & Kirby











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I'm a huge fan of the Inhumans. My greatest fangirl fantasy is that the characters somehow make it into the Marvel movie franchise. this collection of stories is very new reader friendly. The Inhumans have very strong ties to the Fantastic Four which is where I first discovered them. This volume starts off with the origin story of one of the Inhumans strongest and beautiful members: Medusa. Medusa has long flowing red locks that she can control telepathically. She can use them to tie a person up or knock them out with a hair punch! Medusa began her career as a villain of sorts as she gets drawn into a team targeting the FF called the Frightful Four.

Through out the stories in this book we learn about how Medusa ended up on earth and who she is running from. I enjoyed Medusa’s transformation from foe to friend with the FF. When Blackbolt (sigh. Blackbolt, love him!) shows up we learn about Medusa’s love for him and her desperation to escape the  arranged marriage with Blackbolt’s brother.

These stories are not only fundamental classics of Marvel’s past  but they now resonate in Marvels future including the current Inhumanity storyline running through many of the books right now. These story’s also give readers a glimpse back in time to the classic works of Stan Lee & Jack Kirby. A great read!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

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