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Take the sexy angst of a YA love story add some kickass zombie action and you get a feel for the wonderfulness that is Love & Decay. Though I don’t have a kindle I do have a kindle app. While searching the freebies section I got chapter one of this series for free. After reading it I picked up volume one which has six chapters.


This story focuses on two girls who have survived on their own for 2 years after the zombie apocalypse. Haley and Reagan are doing a typical run for supplies when they are trapped and then rescued by the Parker brothers. These five brothers are well prepared for the ruin zombies have brought to the world. They are armed with weapons and stocked with food.

Reagan of course expects them to part ways the next day but the boys decide to follow the girls on their journey south even though the think its a fools quest.

This chapter series is addictive and I really suggest buying it in volume form. this not only is a cheaper way to enjoy the series but also helps you not go through withdrawals while waiting for future chapters.

Higginson has some unique twist on the zombie genre in this book. Her zombies are very loud and seem to even communicate with each other some how. They throw bricks and can do some low level reasoning.

The romance is also refreshing because its very realistic. Reagan doesn't really return the affections of the 2 Parker brothers interested in her. Mostly because she doesn't really  know if she has it in her to let her guard down and love someone. Readers will probably ship her in Hendrix right away (like me) but I like how Rachel doesnt have the two immediately swoon into each others arms.

Haley and another Parker brother, Nelson however have emotional balance to move into a relationship and I really love them together. Though most of the chapters are told in Reagan’s sarcastic personality, we did get one Chapter through Haley’s eyes and I enjoyed learning more about Haley’s personality and how her mind works.


A really nice volume. Lots of scares and sweet moments. Reagan’s relationship looks like its going to have a bit of a bumpy ride but I’m looking forward to see where it goes.

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Pamela D said...

This sounds like a neat book. I do love a good zombie/post-apocalypse tale.