Monday, March 10, 2014

Review: Magic Touch Volume 4









Yen Press



I originally brought this Manga because I loved the fact that the main character Chiaki was in the Massage Therapist club! I was interested to see how my profession would be played out in a romance manga.  I really loved the first three volumes of this series. There was a lot of great anatomy and massage technique information(very accurate) and I loved the fact that Chiaki was first attracted to Yosuke because of his gorgeous back :)


It was very entertaining but something was a bit off in this volume for me. The first half of the story is about the Massage society relaxing at a karaoke club, then the group plans for an overnight training camp being held at the school. The narrative seemed off for my somehow and this volume didn't move any of the subplots forward. I really attribute my lack of engagement with the fact that this volume relies heavily on dialogue themes that are more recognizable to Japanese readers than American.

I’m not sure if i will continue purchasing this series. There are so many great manga series out there right now to put my funds toward. Though I might try to convince my library to start carrying the series so I can see how it progresses.

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