Friday, March 7, 2014

Review: Star Wars Dark Empire: Empire’s End










Dark Horse Comics



The Dark Empire series is unique in the sense that it takes some of the Extended Universe Canon and folds it into a 3 volume story about what happens to our Rebel Band after Return of The Jedi. In Empires End Leia and Han have just given birth to there third child: Anakin. This draws the attention of the ailing Emperor who has been going from one failing clone body to another. The Emperor goes from pursued  to the pursuer as he plots to take over the baby’s mind and body. This sets the stage for the final confrontation with the last bit of Sith energy in the galaxy.


This story was ok. I enjoyed the first Dark Empire series because of its focus on Leia facing the dark side of her psyche, but I really felt that Dark Empire 2 could have wrapped the whole storyline up. This is a short read, around 57 pages but it seems more like an afterthought then a true conclusion. But reading any type of Star wars comic brings some enjoyment. These characters are family to me so its nice to see some new adventures by them.

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