Thursday, March 27, 2014

Review: The Uninvited by Sophie Jordan








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I’m a huge Sophie Jordan fan so I was so excited to get this book from my library so fast! This book was very interesting. In a future that still struggles with crime and economic problems. In an effort to stem crime the government has instituted a HTS test. This test identifies potential murderers. These situations seem far from the perfect world of Davy Hamilton. Davy is on the cusp of a perfect world: A musical scholarship a love that she plans to extend past a typical high school romance and good friends.

Then Davy is called to the principles office and given devastating news: she is HTS positive. As far as society is concerned she is already a murderer. She is moved to a “school” and after a violent outburst she is branded with a mark that will make her unable to live a normal life, and an opportunity with the government that may grant her some freedoms.


I enjoyed this story a lot. The story moved quickly and had a lot of action and some romance. Davy’s character was a revelation to me but in a unique way. I was a little irritated with Davy’s weakness in some parts of the book. I found myself rolling my eyes at her naiveté, but I realized that  I was comparing her to other YA heroines. Not everyone is a Katniss or a Tris. I really enjoyed Davy’s journey and I’m excited to see how Sophie wraps this story up!

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