Saturday, March 22, 2014

Review: Vesper by Jeff Sampson


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Another Free E-book down! This one has been on my E-reader for over 18 months. Vesper is deceptive in the sense that the cover makes it look like every other YA book on the market. I got the book because it was free and I heard some positive buzz about it. Overall I enjoyed it. What makes this book stand apart is that the main character Emily Webb is a geek girl! I smiled when she made reference to Ellen Ripley and Joss Weedon . Its very unique to see any type of fangirl in YA fiction.  Also Jeff Webb does a great job capturing the teenage personality of Emily and her friends. I give him extra credit for  diving right into the plot and showing us that something is wrong with Emily. There is a second voice whispering in her head, wanting her to be free, encouraging her to change the way she dresses and to stand up for herself.
This part in a way hijacks Emily’s body and takes her on adventures she surprised at when she “awakens”. So a really great start but midways through the book I got a bit bored. It wasn't do to Emily who continued to entertain me with her snarky personality but mostly due to the fact that the story didn't really go anywhere. The reader knows from some framing interviews that Emily ends up in the hands of a shady organization and that she isn't alone in manifesting powers but that’s pretty much it. There is some flirting with cute boys and angst with her best friend along with the revelation of a big bad pharmaceutical company behind it al ( its ALWAYS doctors or pharmacists) but I didn't feel anything was  resolved or truly explained.
The problem with trilogy’s is that some of the books can turn out to be “fillers” until the grand finale. I would have rather this been a 400 plus read that had a beginning, middle and end. Instead I’m kind of put off on the whole series. I might get book 2 & 3 from the library but I won’t use my book spending budget on them.


Angie F said...

I'm totally bummed that I missed this one when it was free! It definitely sounds like something I'd like, and I love that the MC is a geek! The cover totally doesn't suggest that at all! :D

Angie @ Pinkindle

Pamela D said...

I love when books have geeky girls in them too! Geek ladies need to represent! :)