Friday, April 25, 2014

Batman Origins :Review : Archive Editions Volume 1

celebrat the cowl v2

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This Archive Edition is the perfect starting point for those looking to experience Batman’s origins. These stories contain   his debut adventure  in May 1939,  as well as stories that feature the appearance of Batman’s greatest foes and allies. The stories are very reminiscent of the times . The stories are shorter and the inflection in the panels is very over the top, with constant repeating of the words “ The Bat-Man!” Yet it is also a joy to see the foundational characters and situations that  still resonate with the book today.
It was funny to see a bored Bruce Wayne smoking a pipe and following his friend Commissioner Gordon to a crime scenes just for kicks. It’s great misdirection that I’m sure thrilled a lot of fans at the time when Bruce was revealed to be the caped crusader at the end of the issue.
In the September 1939 edition of his book readers are introduced to Bruce’s fiancée Julie, and in Detective 38 we see the debut of Robin. I was surprised to  read in the cover blurb  of this issue that Robin was based on a homage to Robin Hood. I never really picked up on that before. It’s also fascinating that in the duos original meeting  Bruce reveals his identity to dick Grayson right away, and asks him to join him in the crime fighting life which the young boy agrees to immediately.
This book also introduces Hugo Strange, The Joker and Clayface. A wonderful look at Batman’s past. Though the book shown above only has Kane’s name attached, later reprint volumes gave credit to Bill Finger as well.

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