Sunday, April 27, 2014

Spring Into Horror Readathon: Update 3


It’s time for another Readathon! To sign up for this event visit HERE. My goal for this week is 13 books! Spooky huh?
I’m reading from my physical TBR pile. Here are some of the books I hope to finish this week:

Books Read:
Robin’s First Flight
Total Books Read:
Books Read:
Batman : The Birthday Bash
Learning from the Octopus
Batman: war on crime
Batman: Animated
Total Books Read: 5

Books Read:
Hollow City
Total books read:1


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Michelle Miller said...

Did you post your link in the starting line linky? I thought I had stopped by and commented, but it seems I hadn't. So sorry! I see you were up to 5 books on Wednesday. Impressive, as usual. :) How many more have you read since Wednesday? Hope you've been enjoying the reading. And hope you're well. The Batman button is looking good in your sidebar. ;)