Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Celebrate The Cowl: Family Reads Dark Knight: Danger On Deck

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I’m utterly in love with what Capstone books is doing with their DC licenses. The Dark Knight are chapter books perfect for middle grade readers or for the eternally young Batman fan. Sonneborn has written a great story filled with action and humor and artist Luciano Vecchio handles every character in this book and the others in the line beautifully. In this story we see Poison Ivy taking over a cruise ship full of rich Gotham socialites. She uses her mesmerizing powers on the men to round up all the passengers into their state rooms while she makes her ransom demands to Commissioner Gordon. Ivy wants cash but only to further her agenda to help the environment.

It’s a stellar plan but two things work against Ivy’s success: 1) Bruce Wayne is onboard the ship and 2) a really big iceberg is headed their way. It seems great villains think alike because Mister Freeze wants' the hostages as well.

This was a great story, especially Ivy’s parts. Overall this series has done a wonderful job with the female characters in their  books, sometimes even better than their parent company. It was also great to see Bruce in his civilian identity for a large portion of the story.
A quick, satisfying read. I’m looking forward to reading more of these. 

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