Thursday, May 29, 2014

Cowl Classics: Batman: Venom by

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That which sets batman apart (his humanity) can also leave him vulnerable. When I first read this series years ago my first thought was “no way”  batman a drug addict? Yet O’Neil sets up a plausible situation that leads to Bruce taking performance enhancing pills, and losing everything around him. It’s really chilling seeing the change in Bats. It starts subtlety with Bruce’s inner monologue taking a darker slant and his foes taking a harsher beating. 

It was powerful watching the defeated  hunch of Batman’s shoulders as he begins to be manipulated by his “dealer” and how quickly his intelligence and his friendship with Alfred is sundered. This is a wonderful exploration of the process from addiction to recovery and shows how comics can really tackle important social issues without losing their ability to entertain.
Bruce takes the hard way and has himself locked up for thirty days. Its the worst way to fight an addiction but Bruce comes out stronger and wiser on the other side.
A great tale!

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