Sunday, June 29, 2014

Coyer Summer Vacation: Final Wrap Up!

Final Results
I just added my 64th review to the Coyer linky!  I exceeded my goal of thirty books, I only have one book remaining on my netgalley dashboard, and my TBR E-books is finally in the double digits. Hope you all met your reading goals.
Update 2
I’m way behind on updates, but I’ve done really great with my reading. I just finished my 36th Review. `Week 1 Update

I had a great few days and now I’m at a bit of a stall but I’m on track for my goal of 20 Books
I read and Reviewed 7 books this week. All are listed in the categories below

Netgalley Read & Reviewed
Batman : Catwoman’s Nine Lives
The Frankenstein Journals
My Zombie Hamster
Nutmeg Princess
Sunne’s  Gift
SW Jedi Academy
Les Miserable's Manga
Time of Fireflies
Bodies We Wear
Bird & Squirrel On Ice

The Isobel Journal

Free E-books
99 cent E-Books
Loving Mr. Darcy
Mr. Darcy’s Secret
Darcy & Fitzwilliam

$2.99 E-Books
  7600451 12600138
Bucko GN

9.99 or More Books
13 Clocks
Judge Dredd volume 1
Best American Comics 2011
Best American Comics 2012
Dragons of the Lonely Island
Space Mountain
Eye of The World GN

Library Books
Paige by Paige
How To Train Your Dragon book 1
The Giver
The Extinction Parade
Marvel Knights GN

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Berls said...

I'm thrilled you'll be joining us again! You've got some great reads listed there - I own the Archived and need to get to it too - maybe this summer! Good luck :)