Thursday, May 8, 2014

Readathon Prep! Tips for a Zen Bout of Books 10


Happy Friday everyone! This Monday is the start of Bout of Books 10! It’s been really wonderful to watch this readathon grow and I’m looking forward to clearing some books off my TBR pile. This readathon will be a little different for me because I’m also participating as a Bout Of Books Expert:


Being a BOB expert means I’m available for any questions readers might have throughout the readathon. I also will be visiting readers blogs, chatting with readers on Facebook and Twitter , and just being an overall cheerleader for the event.
As I was preparing some things for next week I thought I’d share some of my tips to having a great event.

Sign Up Logistics
If you haven't signed up for the event yet visit Here Now! Here are some other Starting line tips.
1) Be sure to click the Start Here link on the main BOB site and read the directions carefully. Many common questions readers have are answered on the site, so take the time to read the links.
2) After Signing up be sure to click the link to make sure it goes to your blog. If you are using Twitter or YouTube for your for your updates you can add your links in the same area. If you don't add your links in the write post you aren't eligible to win the Grand Prize.
3) Write down what number you are in the linky. Many challenge hosts ask for your signup number as part of the mini-challenges. It’s a good idea to have this number handy.

Plan & Yet Unplan
It really helps to take a few moments and get a rough idea of what your main goals for the readathon are.
Is socializing online a priority?
Are you looking to topple down a big chunk of your TBR pile?
Is it important for you to complete all the challenges?
One you have figured out your priorities pull out a calendar and make some notes to meet your goals:
1) Identify your prime reading days
For me this is Monday & Tuesday since I go into work late both days. I also only work half days on Friday so that afternoon and evening is prime reading time for me.

2) Create a BOB reading Nook
Go through your TBR pile and pull a stack of potential reads. I usually create a stack or two that is 4 to 5 books more than my goal. 

I have library books, review books & Graphic Novels. Ialso create a Bout of Books shelf in my E-reader with possible reads.
 This variety insures I don’t get bored or stuck with my reading choices and also has them all in one convenient location.
3) Take time to chat
Look at the bout of book schedule for the official Twitter chats but between those times check out the #boutofbooks  hashtag to join in with the community of readers.

4) Be Gentle With Yourself
There is NO FAIL! Read or Read Not!
The thought of getting some books cleared from the shelves is what draws us to readathons. However sometimes life gets in the way: you have to work late, a child gets sick, you have unexpected guests. Be gentle with yourself!Anytime put towards reading is a win, I always see lots of people writing that they “failed” for a certain day or for the event in general. It’s not true! You rock for taking the time to sign up for the event and what ever you finish is a win!

Hope these tips were helpful. I’m looking forward to seeing what you all are reading .


Anonymous said...

>There is NO FAIL! Read or Read Not!

A thousand times, yes! There is no fail!

Also, I'm not sure why I've never done number 2. Inevitably, I won't want to read anything I have at my fingertips and will spend four hour of reading time searching for the next book to read. I'm picking my backup books now!

Vasilly said...

This will be my first BoB and I love reading all of your tips. I have a list of books that I want to conquer. Most of them are ebooks so it's best if I gave them their own shelf. :-)