Saturday, May 10, 2014

Review: BloodWitch by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes






I received a complimentary copy of this Arc in exchange for a review.



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I was really drawn to this book because of the male protagonist. It also has an interesting slant on the Vampire/ Shape shifter genre. Vance Ehecatl’s entire life has been about service. He lives a comfortable life with Lady Brina a gifted Vampire artist. Vance tends the greenhouse he lives in and most recently he has been modeling for Lady Brina in his quetzal form for a painting.

Vance doesn't question his origins, he only feels gratitude to the vampire community for saving his life. His solace is shattered when he meets Malachi another shape shifter. A terrifying experience at the greenhouse puts Vance on the run and amongst a new group of friends that educate him on his powers and the vampires true motives towards him.


A shift in Vance’s living situation also allows him to see the dynamic of his community clearer and he doesn't like what he sees. This book unfolds like a subtle mystery as readers are given pieces of Vance’s past along with the inner dynamics of the Vampire community.  I really enjoyed Vance’s personality and the mystery about his past. The Vampires were fascinating and seemed more akin to fantasy creatures than vicious blood suckers but there is an underling deception behind their actions.


A solid start to the series.

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