Sunday, May 25, 2014

Review: Hollow City by Ransom Riggs







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This sequel to Miss Peregrines Peculiar  Children finds Jacob and the group of Peculiar’s literally adrift at sea. The group is on a mission to cure Miss Peregrine who is trapped in the form of a bird. It isn't an easy journey. Almost instantly they are adrift and being pursued. As they move towards their destination: 1940’s London.

Jacob and Emma continue to lead the island peculiars like surrogate parents to the groups various personality quirks. They are a family at  heart however, they are stronger together than apart. Jacob and Emma struggle with a more personal connection as Emma tries to push away his love because of their difference in ages.


This book is a great companion to the first Miss Peregrine’s. The characters and situations are fleshed out a lot more than the previous novel and the action scenes are really intense! Several chapters Had me wondering how the group could possibly escape, but Riggs always pulled through with a miraculous escape!

The illustrations once again give this book a unique feel. The black and white sepia tones of the photos are a talisman to the period of time Riggs is capturing in the narrative.

Really looking forward to book 3.

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Laura @ The Shabby Rabbit said...

I have Mrs Peregrine's sitting right here just waiting for me to finish these other things I'm reading!!! Gah! So hard to wait and your review of the next one made it That. Much. Harder!! :)