Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sunday Share 34: The Gift of a Difficult Mother, Reading & Binge Watching







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Happy Sunday! Also Happy Mother’s day to all the Mom’s out there. This time of year I always get asked about my plans for Mother’s Day. When I tell people my mother has passed away they usually get quiet for a bit and then say “You must miss her”  I’m used to this . I usually just nod in agreement and that moves both of us out of the moment.


However it’s not that simple. I do miss a lot about my mother. I miss her laugh, her love of cooking (even the disastrous curry night), her love of the holiday’s, reading , and Disney movies. I love that she always supported my phases, from Barbie’s to Star War,and how she always made our birthday’s a month long celebration.

I don’t miss the anxiety I lived with daily over her drinking, or how I went from living in a home that was the neighborhood hangout, to one I never brought anyone home too. And most of all the horrible knowledge that I couldn't fix  the situation, that as much as my mother loved me, her addiction won out in the end.

I’m grateful for all the teachers who came after my Mother left my life. They helped me to heal long held resentments and angers, they taught me to celebrate the good in my Mother and remember her with love and gratitude. I’m the person I am because all of her parts and that is a gift.


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I’m so excited for this:





As of today my Physical TBR pile (ncluding library books) is 21!! I'm hoping that will at 11 by next Sunday. Sign Up HERE

My Reading Stats

I’ve read 174 books towards my goal of 280

Here are my favorite reads of the week:





Binge Watching

I’m in full Batman immersion mode because of my May Event:

celebrat the cowl v2


Right now I’m binge watching Batman The Animated Series and Batman Brave & Bold






So how is your Sunday? Share!

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Vasilly said...

Thank you for sharing that with us. When I think about my dad, I think about the good and the bad too. But thankfully, we are able to move on with our lives in positive ways. I hope you enjoy your week.