Saturday, May 24, 2014

TBR Challenge Review: The Girl In The Clockwork Collar


The Girl in the Clockwork Collar
Book 2
The Steampunk Chronicles

This is the second book in the Steampunk Chronicles an Kady has really built on the promising story threads she started with in book one. There are a lot of characters in this series and a lot of interpersonal relationships. Yet Kady handles them all beautifully. In this volume we learn more about the fate of Jasper Renn close friend to Duke Griffin King.
Jasper is being held hostage in New York by a former partner in crime. Jasper was hired to steal a device but he failed to deliver it because he wasn't paid his fee. Now this thug Dalton is holding Jasper’s former love Mei hostage until he gets the device.
Finley is in the thick of things in this novel. She isn't one to sit around ! Finley finds a way to draw Dalton’s attention and is soon working for him while secretly trying to free Jasper.
Lots of great action in this volume and some progress is made in the Finely/Griffin love story.
I really have become attached to these characters and enjoy watching them work together . They are an odd family of sorts and there are three relationships to “root” for. I’m glad I finally read this book since volume 3 & 4 of the series are already out.

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