Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Trade Spotlight: Batman Long Shadows by Winick &Bagley

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Judd Winick is an author that I’ve always meant to read. He has had some fan favorite runs on some of DC’s favorite characters: Batman, Catwoman and more. I picked up Long Shadows because I was familiar with the Batman Reborn storyline and the opportunity to read something by Winick. Long Shadows  is not for the casual Batman reader. Set in the comic book continuity of 2010, it is a universe in which Bruce Wayne is dead. We see Dick Grayson (Nightwing) , Alfred and Bruce’s son Damian trying to figure out what comes next. Can Gotham survive without a Batman? Dick Grayson is reluctant to take the cowl and criminals are taking advantage of this, especially the penguin and two-face. This book is a great showcase for Nightwing. Dick has always been more emotionally available then Bruce, and its interesting watching his interactions with Damian and his choices when it comes to building his own version of batman.

I recommend potential  readers of this book also pick this GN up:
Long Shadows is a very solid read, I teared up a bit seeing Alfred and Dick move through their grief over losing Bruce. The Current run of Batman has moved on from Grayson’s run as Bats but this is a classic run worth revisiting.

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