Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Villain Spotlight : Scarecrow: The Dark Knight Vol. 2 by Hurwitz & Finch

celebrat the cowl v2


These volume collects issues #10-15 and issue #0 of the New 52 series. Scarecrow is always a foe that fascinated me because he has a lot of the same qualities as Bruce Wayne. Like Bruce Jonathan Crane’s life was formed by his father.
This entire storyline revolves around Jonathan Crane’s (The Scarecrow) return to Gotham with a newer version of his fear toxin. The story moves the reader through Crane’s tumultuous childhood where he was subjected to various triggers for his fathers studies, to the brilliant madness of his current plan that may actually succeed .
Finches art is a big part of the emotional impact of this book. His batman is large and menacing which creates dynamic action scenes. Gregg’s scripts create great “comic book” moments: splashes of action, grittiness and some really out their concepts ( like Batman using his own blood in a fear toxin cure).
Yet it works. I really suggest this series in trade form because there aren’t a lot of story threads from previous stories being examined in this volume at all.
It’s a great read with a satisfying ending. 

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