Thursday, June 26, 2014

Advance Review: The Isobel Journal by Isobel Harrop





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Switch Press


Contest Win


I discovered Switch Press during Armchair BEA where I won a 4 book prize pack form them. I just decided the other day to start some  Summer Journals:



So I could really relate to the vibe of the Isobel Journal. To be clear this isn’t a novel. It is the journal of an eighteen year old girl from England. The book is a gallery of Isobel’s art and thoughts on herself, the people in her life and romance. The journal hops around to various topics and doesn't have one unifying theme, it just is. Isobel has many things she fangirls over like books, clothes and movies.



Here is an example of one of the entries:



This was a wonderful little read, I enjoyed Isobel’s sense of humor and artistic styles. It really inspires me to add some illustrations and scrapbook style entries into my own journal. I nice gift for teens.  This book will be available for purchase in August 2014.

This is my 4th Book  read for the Coyer Summer Vacation


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