Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Advance Review: The People Inside by Ray Fawkes


I received a complimentary download of this book from Netgalley in exchange for a review.

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The desire to connect is a part of all forms of life. While animals may follow a primal urge in their mating patterns, Civilized (well post caveman & cavewomen), have morphed the natural urge for community into the eternal quest for “the other”. Lover, Soulmate, Husband , Wife, Girlfriend, Boyfriend. These titles and relationships are the focus of Ray’s book.

24 people on the path of love are profiled in this book. Fawkes uses the panel structure of sequential art to show us the characters and their journeys. These lovers are young and old, happy and sad. Gay & Straight. They are either  looking for escape or clinging too close. They are human. With all the magic and frailty that comes with the human condition.
I’m drawn to contradictions when I think of this book. It is a quick read but the impact of the stories are deep and lasting. Through these pages we see the characters move through the seasons of their life. Some grow, others stagnate but they do not remain unaffected by the lovers in their life.

This book is everything I love about graphic novels but I did feel some confusion in the relationships between the characters since they are nameless. I would have also wished for some of the stories to be a bit more uplifting. I know that life and love don't always run smooth but with the exception of one story the majority of these people lived in unhealthy situations without making an effort to change them.
Overall though this was an enjoyable read and is a solid showcase to the versatility of the graphic novel.

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