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Middle Grade Spotlight: Sunne’s Gift by Yawson & Malik




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I received a complimentary download of this book from Netgalley in exchange for a review


This book struck a very deep chord with me. Before I get to the review I wanted to share a little of my personal history:


I didn't get my first haircut until I was in my 20’s. After relocating to  California I walked into a Supercuts . The wonderful stylist was in awe when I told him this was my first haircut, and  informed me that my almost waist length hair had a lot of split ends. He suggested a super short cut to work through years of split ends and uneven lengths. I said yes and loved the very short bob I received. At least for a few weeks. Then I found myself feeling very “off” until it grew back.


The reason for that was my Mother’s beliefs about my hair. Beliefs I still find remnants of lurking in my subconscious. My mother never  allowed me to cut my hair, relax it or color it. She would run a hot comb through it for special occasions but that was all. My sister was allowed to experiment with her hair and when I asked my mother why she said because my hair didn't need anything done to it. One day a relative was over our house and she walked up to me and tugged at my pigtails before saying “Aren't you lucky to have such good hair?” That was my first inkling of our cultures ability to single others out.


Ama  wrote this book in response to a cruel comment a barber made about her sons hair. Instead of fostering a grudge Ama got the idea to write this story for children to explain the beauty in every one. In this fable the creator of Earth leaves it in the hands of the four elements: Sunne,Earthe, Watre, and Winde. The four keep Earth in balance and play peacefully together. One day however the four of them see their reflections in a lake and notice Sunne’s hair is different. Their confusion and jealously soon turns to taunting and Sunne tries to change her hair thus losing what was special about her and the work she was born to do.


This is such a gorgeous book! Rashad Malik Davis captures the heart of Ama’s script and intentions and turns it into a visual, all ages treasure.




This is my 6th book for Coyer Summer Vacation


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