Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday Share 37: Tips To End A Reading Slump





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I always feel off when I’m not reading. Especially since I started book blogging. My Reviews are mostly under control and I only have 7 books I have to read & review, which is quite an accomplishment! Despite that I’ve some how lost my reading groove. It will come back, It always does . So I thought today I would share my tips for getting out of a book slump:


Accept It

Like most things in life just acknowledge where you are and just stop. That can be very difficult as a blogger if you have reviews pending. If you find yourself really uninspired contact publicists to let them know things will be delayed. If you have a blog tour commitment do your best to finish the book, but consider turning down any other review requests.

Change Genres/Mediums

I’ve been spending most of the week reading comic books,graphic novels, some non-fiction books about yoga and healing, and watching Netflix. I’ve also been doing some long overdue Spring Cleaning.


Write About books & Blogging

I’ve always meant to write more lifestyle and commentary pieces but always get distracted by reviews, so this week I’ve been writing about books and upcoming blog events. Speaking of Events:


Join A Readathon

I love readathons! It jumpstarts my reading and it’s fun to chat with other bloggers and see what they are reading. I also do well with accountability so I work hard to meet my goals. This is the readathon I’m starting tomorrow:




So that’s how I’m getting through my slump! Do you guys have any tips I might of missed? Share!


Reading Stats

Thanks to some Graphic Novels, I'm at 204 books read toward my goodreads goal of 280 books.



Vasilly said...

I love this post! Fantastic advice.

Michelle P said...

I just thought I might be in reading slump and I let myself rest for a couple of days and switched genres and I think I am out of it now :) When I read the title and the post I was like OMG I know what you mean!!!
Great post :)