Thursday, June 12, 2014

Weekend Binge: Vamps, Zombies, Jason & Candyman



Happy Friday The 13th! The Friday The 13th franchise has a special place in my heart because it was the first horror movie I ever saw. Groundbreaking for it’s time due to the true killer being a psychotic woman. Yet the filmmakers turned a stunning twist at the movies end to life in the form of Jason:


This is a figure that I picked up last year at Comic- Con


So today like many others I’m sure will be watching Friday the 13th. Though I don't know why Part 1 isn't on Netflix, I will just have to make do.



Speaking of Netflix, the lovely Horror family at Graveyard Sisters is hosting a live tweet of one of my favorite horror movies: The watch a long begins at 10 pm EST.




I’m also going to watch some Zombie films this weekend:

I’ve heard some great things about Helldriver and its now on Netflix streaming


Netflix also has this great George Romero documentary :



I’m also going to finish reading The Strain and this  book over the weekend:



Hope you have a great weekend!

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