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Fangirl Summer Classics Spotlight: The Giver Series by Lois Lowry





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I have seen The Giver listed on a variety of lists , always with the highest praise from those reviewing it. With the movie version being released this summer I knew I needed to put it to the top of my TBR pile. I finished The Giver in one day and I can see why the book has struck a chord with readers.  This story centers around Jonas, a young man who is about come to majority within his community. Jonas is looking forward to his work assignment and he is shocked when his name isn't called in the initial job distributions. Jonas learns he has been chosen to receive a special training. He is working with an older citizen of the community called The Giver.


The Giver has the ability to transfer experiences to a receiver. These experience include experiencing snow, holidays and shifts that make him see the world differently. The Giver shares the horrible feelings of War, Starvation, and Love. Jonas is able to bear most of the memories, but the revelations of what it costs the society to thrive inspires him to escape with a young child.

what I loved most about this story was the subtle way Lois shares Jonas’s world with the reader. I thought at first there was some paranormal element to Jonas’s visual perceptions but was surprised by the true reason behind his changes. The ending though left me with a few questions that I hope are answered in the remaining books in the series.

I’m hoping to get to the remaining books in the series soon:

12936  12930


This is my 15th Book for the Summer Library Challenge


This is my 18th Book for Coyer Summer Vacation


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