Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Fangirl Summer: Ladies To Love: Courtney Crumrin by Ted Naifeh





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I pride myself on being in the know with a  lot of comics but some how the lovely Courtney escaped my notice. Thanks to Free Comic Book Day I picked up one of Courtney’s adventures and have become quite the Ted Naifeh fangirl! Courtney is the only child of wealth obsessed parents, who have moved into their Uncle Crumin’s home to save money and be close to the wealthy  elite in the neighborhood.


For Courtney it’s business as usual for the quiet only child. She is ostracized by her school mates and  virtually ignored by her parents. However things change when Courtney discovers her Uncle is a wizard and that she has magical talents as well.

Naifeh is a wonderful storyteller. The individual graphic novels are illustrated in Black & White but the details of the characters and locations pop off the page. The free comic book day issue is in gorgeous color so I suggest trying to find a copy of it if you can, possibly on Comixology .


I really love Courtney’s personality. She has a lot of emotional blocks that keep her from relating to children her own age but she also has a big heart and keen intellect. These are wonderful all ages stories full of magical adventure with a touch of dark mythology. Check them out! 

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