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Fangirl Summer: Ladies to Love: Sailor Moon

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Somehow I missed out on Sailor Moon. My hometown got Robotech but never Sailor Moon. When I got into manga and anime I started to see Sailor Moon cosplay but never found any DVD's or Manga to read. now thanks to Hulu I’ve been watching the series from the very beginning and I’m obsessed!
What I enjoy most about the series is the various personalities of the girls, Usagi especially. In the manga Usagi is the first heroine we meet and she isn't a typical character. Usagi is a bit of a brat. She loves to spend time at the arcade or shopping with friends and her grades aren't the greatest. Yet Usagi has a wonderful caring heart and so when she sees a cat being bullied by some boys she drives them off.

It is an act that puts Usagi on her fated path. Luna, the cat she saves is magical, and he gives Usagi a talisman that awakens her powers as the reincarnation of Sailor Moon.
In the manga series things move much faster than the anime. By the end of volume one we meet most of the cast and the major antagonist Queen Beryl.
In volume two we learn about Usagi’s connection to Tuxedo Mask and her former life on the moon.
Usagi is a  bit of a drama queen and I confess to a bit of eye rolling over her romantic angst, but that is the appeal of her character. She is realistic.
I’m looking forward to continuing with the animated series and the Manga.

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