Thursday, July 3, 2014

Fangirl Summer: Ladies to Love: Spacegirl Zita

Fiction State of Mind-04-01


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My heart belongs to Zita. These graphic novels are a treat to my inner ten year old. Ben’s trilogy of graphic novels feature Zita, a young girl who finds a piece of technology that leaves her stranded in space. Zita meets friends and foes and wondrous creatures while trying to find a way home. Her energy and compassion change the face of the galaxy and make her an outlaw.

This is a wonderful all ages read perfect for independent readers and for family story time. Ben’s art is stunning. He is a father of four young daughters and the art reflects his familiarity with how children move and think. The return of Zita is a wonderful wrap up to the series, but I will be wishing on a star that Zita returns for more adventures one day.

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