Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Fangirl Summer Review: Bucko by Parker & Moen






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One of my Fangirl Summer goals is expanding my graphic novel reading boundaries. Superheroes and Manga are still my favorites, I’ve wanted to read more Indie Comics.  So when I saw this for $3.00 at my comic book shop’s anniversary sale I snapped it up! Jeff Parker has been a name I’ve heard positive things about in the comic book world so I was excited to read some of his work. The fact that he was teamed up with female artist Erika Moen made this book doubly desirable. Bucko is not only an enjoyable adventure story but also a great insight into the creative process of the Artist and writer. There are footnotes from Jeff and Erika on almost every page, (I actually read the book straight through before going back to them).

The story opens with Richard waking up on a couch in a strangers apartment. He is late for a job interview and once there discovers a dead body in a bathroom. A misunderstanding lands Rich in jail and his possible one night stand Gyp comes to rescue him from lock up. The pair decide to pull a Scooby and try to find the actual killer (completely unaware that the guy was captured days ago).

However Gyp and Richard, aka Bucko are easily distracted. Their quest leads them to steampunk style party, bike riding shenanigans and street brawls with clowns ( sooo not making this up).


A wonderful read! Indie Comics remind me of how much adventure can exist in everyday life.I’m also now a huge Erika Moen fangirl .

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