Saturday, July 5, 2014

Fangirl Summer Review: Jedi Academy: Return of The Padawan by Jeffrey Brown





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I received a complimentary download of this book from Netgalley in exchange for a review.


Ah how lucky today’s Padawns are! There are so many original  Star Wars series for the middle grade and all ages readers. This is the second book in the Jedi Academy series, and Jeffrey captures all the fun of the previous volume along with tackling important issues like online bullying.

It’s Roan’s second year at the academy and he is super excited! This is the year where he starts pilot training. He also is excited to see his friends Pasha and Gaiana. Things go pretty rocky from the beginning. First Roan shows up a week early to the academy a, then he fails miserably at his first attempt at using the flight simulator. Add into that constant bullying  from fellow classmate Cronah, and miscommunication among friends and you get a wookie sized set of problems on our young hero’s shoulders.


This novel still combines comic pages with journal entries beautifully. I love the illustrations and the Ewok Pilot cartoons peppered through out the series. This was such a fun read, I’m looking forward to book 3 in the series.



This is my 11th book for Coyer Summer Vacation


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Michelle P said...

11 books! That's fantastic Congrats.
This one looks super cute and my son just started getting into them. Can't wait for him to read this!!
Great Review :)