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Review: The Eye Of The World Graphic Novel: Volume 5








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I haven’t yet dipped into the Wheel of Time Novels but I have kept up on the graphic novel adaption ff The Eye Of The World thanks to Tor Books.  In this volume all roads lead to Caemlyn for our separated band of travelers. First to reach town are Rand and Mat. Rand continues to be my favorite character in the series. He has such an open heart and the uncanny ability to stumble into extraordinary circumstances.  In this volume Rand meets up with Loial a giant creature called an Ogier. Initially Rand mistakes Loial for a  Trolloc, but finds instead a studious, educated creature anxious for experiences. Rand also finds himself briefly on the wrong side of Caemlyn’s Queen but quick action from the young princess saves his neck once again.


I did a lot of eye rolling over Mat this volume. He was being quite a jerk, though their are revelations later in this volume that explain a lot of his odd behavior.   I also enjoyed the transitions in this volume. The story easily switches back to Perrin and  Egwene’s captivity among the white cloaks and their rescue at the hands of Lan and the remaining companions. This series continues to have a very solid art team. This was especially noticeable due to the shift in location and the addition of new characters.

The reunion of our little band leads them to plan the next step of their journey : A journey to the Green Man through The Ways, magical gateways that Loial  just happens to know how to navigate. The threads of each characters lives are being bound closer and closer together.

Another solid volume in the series. A nice companion to the novels or a stand alone way to experience Robert Jordan’s fantasy epic.



This is my 28th book for Coyer Summer Vacation


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