Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunday Share 39: Convention Prep, Netgalley Awesomeness & Reading Life





Kai Sunday Share 3


San Diego Bound!


I think I’ve been in a little bit of denial about how close SDCC is. I love the convention and am so grateful that once again  I scored tickets. I've got my planning notebook prepped and this year I’m taking the train for the first time! I’ll  have lots more info on the train trip later since its actually a promotional event by a gaming company.


This year I’m really trying to watch my purchases. Its really easy to get caught up in the frenzy of exclusive purchases. When I did some geeky spring cleaning I was happy to notice I still had a strong connection with many of my past SDCC purchase, but there was also a few that I realized were a waste of money. So I’m going to work hard to not make that mistake again this year.


The most important prep I’m doing for the convention is cardio and yoga. SDCC can mean hours of standing so I want to be ready!

Netgalley Graphic Novel  Awesomeness

Netgalley has some amazing graphic novels available right now! Here are some that I downloaded:



Rocket Girl


20919812  21823465


20691147  21433251


21813486 22223643


Reading Life

Thanks to these Challenges I’ve gotten my reading groove back:




I've read 220 books towards my goal of 280 for my Goodreads Reading Challenge


My Favorite Read of the week:

I don't know why It’s taken me so long to read this book! I knew I needed to bump it to the top of my reading pile since the movie is coming out soon.




So how was your week? Share!


Bianca Meza said...

I need to reread The Giver before the movie comes out! I read it in 5th grade so it has been quite a while.

Michelle P said...

I have been wanting to read more Graphic Novels. I really think I would enjoy them.

You are doing amazing on your Goodreads challenge!

Have a great week!!!
and Happy Reading