Sunday, August 3, 2014

Attack on Titan: No Regrets Vol. 1





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This three volume series covers the origin story of one of Attack on Titans most popular characters: Levi. In this series we follow one of the stars of the Survey Corps : Erwin Smith. Erwin steps into the sordid underworld beneath the capital city. It is here that he meets Levi the leader of a young group who have learned to operate Survey Corps gear on their own. Smith offers Levi’s crew a place among the survey corps which means life in the world above.

In this first volume we see Levi trying to learn the ropes in the corps without losing his loyalty to his friends. This book is very new reader friendly and gives more insight into the political machinations that rule the capital.

The art on this manga is really well done and a treat for Levi fans. It’s wonderful how many stories can spin out of the Titan universe. Another solid series I’m looking forward to completing.




This is my 36th book for Coyer Summer Vacation

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