Monday, August 11, 2014

Fangirl Summer Spotlight: Tricia Barr of Fangirl the Blog

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I’ve been a Star Wars fan for most of my life. Though my passion was always supported by my parents through countless trips to the theater and a willingness to buy me all things Kenner, My Star wars fandom was mostly a solitary pursuit. Yes there was the occasional chat with friends about the movie but none of them had experienced the level of attachment I had to the movies and later the cartoons and Expanded Universe novels. 

A few years ago I joined twitter and found Star Wars fans galore! What truly excited me however was the large amount of female Star wars fans I found online. I love the community of my fellow sisters in the Force and even the occasional Sith ! This generation of fans have taken to the web, podcasts and YouTube to share their love for the saga, and to  respectfully demand better representation of women in the Star wars galaxy and beyond. Today however I want to spotlight one Fangirl who has consistently been a positive voice in the community and more importantly a support for fangirls no matter what  their passions: Tricia Barr of Fangirl the Blog.

Fangirl is one of the main platforms that Tricia uses for breaking news in the Star Wars community and other fandoms. She routinely spotlights the contributions of other bloggers through her Fangirls across the web spotlights. Here are the main goals Tricia has for fangirl:

FANgirl Blog’s Objectives:
1) To redirect the tone of the conversation among the fandom aimed at fangirls, which at times had been hostile.
2) To encourage storytellers – of movies, television, novels and comics – to create more strong female characters.
3) To create an audience for my own adventure into storytelling.
Such important goals!
The main fangirl also has links to the following.
Through the interactive forum The Cantina members can discuss everything from Star Wars and Hunger Games movie franchises, as well as books and female portrayals in the media.

Tricia also has a personal website where she shares her personal experiences and writing. Tricia has also released the first book in her Fireheart series:

And I was thrilled to discover some really great articles from Tricia when I started reading Star Wars Insider


I’m so grateful to have found Tricia. She has been such a support to my blog and was one of the many inspirations for my Fangirl Summer event!
I hope you give one or all of those links a quick look!
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Lisa Schapira said...

My favorite fandom is Star Wars and Tricia Barr is awesome! So excited to see her featured here.


Charles Ellington said...

Great post I saw New Hope in theater as a kid when it 1st came out and still a fan glad to see it still going story and especially with so many female fans.