Friday, August 22, 2014

Noir Spotlight: Lucky at Cards by Lawrence Block







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I picked up this book at the Los Angeles Time Festival of Books in April. I loved the gorgeous cover and I’ve always wanted to read a book by Lawrence block. This book is  a snapshot of the 1960’s( the book was originally published in 1964),  but still relevant for a reader looking for a thrilling read. 

The book is narrated by Bill Maynard, a down on his luck card sharp who is only supposed to be in a new town for a few days but instead gets dragged into a dangerous romance.

I love Block’s language usage in this novel. The book is a slow burn with a narration that slowly builds an attachment to the character despite him being a lawbreaker.

The women in this novel run the gamut from seductive bored house wife to needy school teacher but they are interesting and  not over sexualized.

I loved how the book picked up speed in the middle and the satisfying ending. I’ve become a fan of this genre and of Block as well. I plan on reading more of his books soon.

This is my 49th book for Coyer Summer vacation


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Berls said...

Oh this sounds really good! I love the cover too - so I can see why you picked it up! The varieties of women characters is interesting and a slow build can totally work. Great review Kai!