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Review: The Fallen by Charlie Higson



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The Enemy Book 5

Hmmm. This is a tricky review because this is the fifth book in the series. So its pretty hard to talk about developments without spoiling things. So I’m going to do a:

Top 5 Reasons You Should Read The Enemy Series


1) Zombies!!!

Well kind of. In this series an outbreak makes people over the age of sixteen degenerate physically and crave human flesh. Some kids call them Sickos others Fathers & Mothers, either way they are vicious and hungry! This book is a zombie fans dream!


2) Lord of The Flies Meets The Walking Dead


The remaining children in London and the surrounding boroughs begin to build societies and try to live a normal life. There are the group in the Palace, another group at London Bridge, another group lead by religious teen who claims to see the future and the group ensconced in the Natural History Museum.  The stories also rely heavily on the interpersonal relationships between the characters and the decisions they make. Very much like the character situations in The Walking Dead TV show.



Much like The Walking Dead no characters are truly safe in the dangerous world of The Enemy. If its not lack of food and disease it’s the strangely intelligent group of Sickos that are steadily approaching every day . My heart has been torn out several times over a lot of the developments in this series and every book just intensifies the tension.


4) Nail Biting Horror

I’ve read this entire series in physical book form thanks to my Library and I highly suggest that format. From the intricate covers to the heavy black pages whose tint bleed into the edges of each page, holding the books in your hand intensify the experience. I’ve actually winced while reading certain passages and pricked my fingers hastily turning the pages to see what happens next. Higson creates dramatic tension that speeds up you heart and makes it hard to put the books down.



5) Interconnected Storylines


This fifth book really brings a variety of storylines together. Its fantastic how each book can stand on its own but as a whole the characters journeys all intersect beautifully. I’m so excited to see how all the final story threads come together.


So I hope I enticed you to try this wonderful series


This is my 39th book for Coyer Summer Vacation


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