Saturday, August 30, 2014

Review: Queen & Country Volume 1




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I’ve heard great things about this series for a long time. Thanks to Comixology I got the first volume of the series for 1.99. I loved it! The focus of this volume is on British operative Tara Chace and  her mission to assassinate a Russian mafia dealer. It’s a fast paced game of Cat and Mouse after Tara completes her task and now needs to get out of the country. Rucka is a phenomenal writer and his female characters are always a joy to read.


The second part of this  volume focuses on the repercussions of Tara’s act. Their is a wonderful James Bond feel to this story with an awesome female protagonist. I’m really excited to read more of the volumes in the series.


This is my 53rd book for Coyer Summer Vacation


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