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Review: The Severed Streets by Paul Cornell








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This was definitely a squeal worthy reveal from Tor. I loved London Falling and was really excited to hear a sequel was in the works. I have an internal Pass/Fail compass when it comes to sequels and I’m happy to say Severed Streets passed in all areas:


New Reader Friendly

I’m more a fan of companion novels than direct sequels. What I loved about London Falling was that Paul tied up the main plot threads and  left me with a desire to read more from the characters versus a cliffhanger that left me wondering what was happening next.


So if you were a new reader picking up this book you wouldn't be completely lost. The Prologue of this book lets us know we are in contemporary England as we follow a day in the life of a British politician. However things go awry quite suddenly as the politician is killed by an invisible creature. This incident leads the readers back to James Quill and his special squad of investigators who have been gifted the Sight, the ability to see the other London, and all the supernatural creatures that exist in it. Paul skillfully reminds readers of the events of the previous book while moving them into the next adventure.


Thrills and Chills

Paul continues to introduce chilling circumstances and obstacles for James and his crew yet this time we get a different threat, a possible jack The Ripper type carving his or her way through affluent citizens. I love the dramatic tension that builds when your reading a good horror scene. Many of the scenes in this novel had me gripping the book just a bit tighter as I turned to the next page. A good thriller like this works best in your hands, gripped tightly, pages being turned in dread and anticipation.


Character Development


I read a lot so it’s very easy to forget characters and situations. Yet with Severed Streets I immediately slid back into the characters lives. Quill continues to be the solid Copper, somehow managing to keep his sanity and get the job done despite the terrors he sees daily. Lisa , Kev ,and Costain have all been dealing with the results of their “gift’ in various ways and their bond is constantly in flux and being tested. I love the characters and how quickly I became invested in their lives once again.


A wonderful second  immersion into London culture past and present. I devoured this book in two days and hope there are more stories to come.

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