Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Coyer Novella Spotlight







I’m doing so good with Coyer! My E-Reader book total is now down to double digits and I have one completely empty row on my book rack! I really enjoyed the Novella readathon we did a few weeks ago. Here are my reviews:



Red At Night


My first read by Katie!  Now I know why every one is raving about her. This was such a romantic little novella. Stella is a girl from what many would call the wrong side of the tracks. She spends her days staying under the radar from the bullies at school and after school she enjoys the peace of the local cemetery. Its here that Stella begins to see Jonah very frequently. Jonah has been questing everything about his life since he held the hand of an accident victim as he died. Now Jonah feels trapped by his popularity and privilege life. He becomes increasing drawn to Stella, the one girl who understands him but is afraid to open her heart. Wonderful story!






In By The Silver Water two young friends find a dead dinosaur on the shore near their summer home. Gail and Joel dream of riches and fame but fate has different plans. Hill is a masterful writer. The amount of depth he gets in the characters and situations in so few pages is amazing. A bittersweet, enjoyable tale.



Parasol Protectorate fans rejoice!! In this story we get a glimpse in the life and adventures of Alessandro Tarabotti in Egypt. A short but fun read. I hope we get more stories like this soon.




These are my 54th 55th and 56th Coyer Summer Vacation Reads


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