Monday, September 15, 2014

Review: The Woods Volume 1






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There are really too many good comics in the world right now. So much so that even when the mind is willing the budget prevents me from reading many of them. So I was happy to discover the first volume of this series on the Comics plus website at my local library.

The Woods was definitely worth the time and my comic buying budget. Tynion doesn't waste any time getting the story started. After a school wide shaking 52 Students and 24 staff from Bay Point Preparatory High School find themselves transported light years away to an alien planet. Some how the group is able to still breathe but supplies and tempers quickly run hot.

One student however finds an eerie peace in the situation. He believes that there is a purpose for there situation. He sees a clue and leads a band of  students into an alien forest.

As an avid reader there are some very recognizable story tropes in this story but that’s part of the enjoyment. I picked up a lot of familiar vibes from this story: a little bit of Predator, Umezu’s The Drifting Class Room, and even a bit of Lord of the Flies, but also a truly original narrative from Tynion. There is also a wonderfully diverse cast with strong female leads along with some racially diverse characters.


Such a great read! I’m looking forward to volume 2!

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