Wednesday, September 10, 2014

TBR Pile Challenge Review: Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore







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Bitterblue is what I’d call a saver. I purchased it right away when it was released but then I kind of avoided it. See I’m not really ready to leave the world Cashore has created. I know I can always reread the series but I can only read the final companion book for the first time once. So this book has sat on my shelf for sometime. That’s why I picked it for the challenge and that’s also while I just broke down and devoured the book in on day.


Bitterblue is a direct continuation to the events in Kristin’s book Graceling and also has ties to the novel Fire. In this novel we reconnect with Queen Bitterblue who has spent the last nine years as a very sheltered Queen to her realm. Life has been better since the kingdom was free of the vicious King Leck, yet Bitterblue is still trapped. It is a honeyed trap that keeps her bogged down in paperwork and pressure from her advisors. So Bitterblue decides to see more of her kingdom by sneaking out at night visiting the city’s taverns.

It is an education that sets her on a course to uncover even more secrets about her country and the people closest to her. Since her introduction in Graceling I’ve been a fan of Bitterblue’s. She has a strong narrative voice and the characteristics of someone who has lived through unspeakable horrors yet still has a gentle loving heart. I love that She isn't perfect and that it takes time for her to grow into her power.


Though Katsa and Po from Graceling make an appearance in this novel they do not steal the focus from Bitterblue, instead they enhance the story through the amazing discovery they bring to Bitterblue’s doorstep and the love they hold for her in their hearts.

A very nice ending to one of my favorite series. I love an author who can leave you wanting to see more of a character yet also manage to leave to reader feeling secure about the characters future. So much love for Cashore and this series.

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