Friday, October 17, 2014

Fandom Friday: 1 Characters I’d Love To Dress Up As For Halloween





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I just found out about this weekly  blogging memo yesterday! I really love how weekly events like this bring like minded bloggers together ,which is one of the goals of the creators. Click the Fandom Friday link on the blogs above and you will find the list of weekly topics to frame your post on.

This week it’s:

 Characters I’d love to Dress Up As For Halloween

I haven't planned out a Halloween costume in a long time! I usually spend the day binge watching Horror classics and handing out candy, so I had a lot of fun with this post. If this is your first time visiting my blog just a heads up that I’m a book nerd! So all of my choices are book related. Here we Go!


Mercy Thompson

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The Mercy Thompson series is one of my favorites and I’ve always loved the main characters casual style and her gorgeous tattoos. Construction wise it would be pretty easy to put together : A mechanics jumper and some cool temporary tattoo's. Though I’m sure a lot of people wouldn’t get the reference unless they were a fellow Briggs fan. 


Lanoree Brock





I was blown away by the close up photo of Lanoree ( with the red scarf), when I saw it in the Star wars Insider magazine. A racially diverse Jedi/Je’daii ? Yes Please! I’m seriously thinking about working on this cosplay for Star Wars Celebration in April :)


Attack On Titan : Mikasa


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I’m utterly obsessed with the Attack On Titan Anime & Manga. Its been wonderful seeing all the cosplayers gearing up as scout regiment members. Mikasa is such a great character. She is beautifully designed, and spends a great deal of time rescuing the main character Eren so you know she’s a powerful fighter! The pieces of the outfit are very reasonably priced (Tons of items on Amazon) and stylish.






Anytime I talk to anyone about trying cosplay they always tell me I should do Korra! I love the character and the show so much!

Zoey Redbird

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I’m kind of obsessed with characters that have Tattoos, probably because I don’t have any myself.  I love the circlet of tattoos on Zoe’s forehead and her school girl meets goth outfits.

So there are my picks. I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone else came up with. Happy Friday!

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Amber Elise said...

I adore Korra, and I think you should cosplay as her as well! My husband has been watching Attack on Titan, I've seen it out of the corner of my eye but I have NO idea what's happening! The outfit is really cute though! :)

Amber Elise @Du Livre

The Nerdy Girlie said...

OoooOoo I loved the House of Night Series, I didn't know they had a comic now! Great! xx