Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Horror Comics With A Woman’s Touch: Madame Frankenstein by Jamie S. Rich & Megan Levens

Not to undermine  Jamie Rich’s writing prowess, but it was Megan’s art that put this book to the top of my pull list. I’m such a huge fan of the Universal horror movies, and the Bride of Frankenstein is one of my favorites. I loved seeing Jamie and Megan’s version of the story. The interior art is black & white and gorgeous!

This story centers around Doctor Vincent Krall a gifted ,quick to anger, Doctor who brings a women he is obsessed with back to life. Krall’s creation, Gail is a sweet fragile young woman who tries hard to please Vincent and his assistant Irene.

Krall’s desire to show off Gail however never end well and can lead to  his  grave robbing crimes being exposed. Rich manages to capture a variety of moods in the tale from Gatsby aged excess, to Gothic Suspense with a touch of Steampunk.

There are 6 issues of the series so far and each issue gets better and better. I hope you check out this amazing series.

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