Friday, October 3, 2014

Monsterrific Tales Spotlight: Hyde & Shriek by David Lubar

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I became aware of the Monsterrific series when Tor Books sent me this book:
I’ll be reposting my review for this book later in the week ( loved it!).
Soon after I got these other books in the series:
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I loved these as well so I decided it was time I read the other books in the series.

First Up:

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This book is a great stand alone tale but also introduces characters that will play a part in later novels in the series. One morning Science teacher Miss Clevis accidently mixes some chemicals into her morning smoothie and passes out on the kitchen floor. 
She thinks all is well until she begins having dizzy spells and finds herself transformed into a younger version of her self. Soon “Jackie” finds herself sitting at a lunch table with some of her favorite students. Though Miss Clevis is concerned by her first transformation, there is another side to her dizzy spells: the scary Miss Hyde, “substitute teacher” and gleeful troublemaker,
Now Miss Clevis must race to find a cure for her split personalities before she is stuck as Jackie or worse Hyde, permanently.
Like all the volumes in this series this book was a quick but satisfying read. Lubar does a great job with the children in the story. My favorite student was Dawn. I loved that Dawn was a black  character and I also loved Lubar’s exploration of the potential down falls of being a “good girl” .
I loved meeting all these characters for the first time and I’m looking forward to the other two books in the series I haven't read yet.
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